I.O.T Academy to provide online education solutions

- There has been a very significant development since the education was based on the traditional method, which is separation, through the introduction of computers to these traditional platforms such as schools, universities, ...
- Although there was not a major breakthrough in education, but this step was important towards launching into the future.
- Then the real boom was represented in the internet and the subsequent technological revolution in communication and the subsequent provision of all services via the digital space

Online Learning

1- School Online

It is an interactive online school like the actual school with a daily class schedule from Sunday to Thursday
Submit duties, correct them, and take periodic exams Follow up regularly with the guardian
The best and most important feature is to send a registration for the entire school day

2- Private Work

With distinguished teachers to complete the role of the school (traditional or online) in communicating the information

Language courses

1- Language courses (English, French and German)

Phoenix course in the English language for very young children at the beginning of the journey of learning the English language

English Camp Course

Camp duration: 3 months, an hour daily from Sunday to Thursday to focus on the four language skills in addition to Grammar

English courses for adults

French and German language courses for young and old

Educational services

In order to support both the student / researcher and the teacher / lecturer, we have provided them with these services

1- Educational services for teachers / lecturers

2- Educational services for students / researchers