We are I.O.T.
“Institute of Online Teaching”

One of the best digital platforms for interactive distance learning has been around for almost 3 years in order to serve a segment of students who believe in the technological revolution and the parent looking for comfort and reassurance in line with the requirements of the times.


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Why that platform?

Technology provides us with solutions that make life easy and with the exploitation of technology in many fields it has become easy to use in interactive distance education. With a difficulty in many places is the inability to obtain a good level of education due to the rapid spread of the Corona pandemic and for the distance or even the inadequacy of the place for the educational process and many others. With our children abroad and the need to obtain a good education by specialists as well as competitive prices and the fear of them spreading diseases such as the Corona pandemic. With a selection of the best teachers and lecturers specializing in teaching all subjects and specialized courses through interactive distance learning. With a diversity of content provided by study groups and courses specialized in different languages. With diversity also in teachers and lecturers.

Our goal

In fact, we have two goals
1- ambitious
It is the access to the number of 50 thousand learners and learners we have in the institution until the year 2023, God willing
2- in future
It is to be the only approved platform in the Middle East to teach many of the world’s well-known university curricula and to teach those global curricula through interactive distance learning technology.

What distinguishes us?

In fact, there are many advantages we have that can be summarized in the following points:
1- A group of the best teachers / lecturers in the field of interactive teaching.
2- Great experience in the field of interactive remote teaching.
3- Diversity in the content provided, which suits all the requirements of education in general and interactive education in particular.
4- Competitive prices suitable for high quality. You will find support and many other advantages through dealing

What Students Says

Discover how to anticipate and adapt to the latest trends and digital

thank you all Thanks to God then thanks to you my children love mathematics

Om Omr
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My daughters are happy with the class today You are very excellent and distinguished

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Professional work style and responsibility team Keep going and Good Luck to you

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The scientific material is more than wonderful The dates are disciplined, and this is the most important thing

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Phoenix course was very useful today, my son was happy and love the class